Grad School: Where and How do we Start?

Are you ready to apply to graduate school? Join us for a discussion to help you get organized as you prepare for the next chapter of your academic career. We will conclude the session with a brief overview of graduate programs offered at USG. Register Today!

Funding Graduate School

Financial Wellness Event focusing on paying for Graduate School, USG Scholarships, and more! Presented by USG's CSEF. Register Today!

Psychology: Passion, Path, Plan

What is your passion? What are the options and possible paths to achieve your goals, and what is the best plan for you to make that happen? This workshop will help get you started thinking about this process as you consider the ways to achieve your best future. Hosted by Dr. Diane Alonso, Psychology Program […]

Crafting Your Personal Statement

Applying to graduate school often comes with one scary requirement: the personal statement. How do you tell your story in 500 - 700 words? This workshop will help you become a better advocate for yourself with simple tips for descriptive, powerful writing. Presented by USG's MCAS. Register Today!

First-Generation Students, Staff, and Faculty Panel


Calling all First-Gen Retrievers! Join UMBC’s first-generation faculty, staff, and students for a panelist discussion on what it means to be the first in their families to attend college. Our panelists will share their experiences with navigating through their academic, professional, and personal lives as first-gen students and professionals.

USG Undergraduate and Graduate Open House

The Universities at Shady Grove BSE 9631 Gudelsky Dr, Rockville, MD

The Universities at Shady Grove is hosting an Open House for all universities and programs. This event will be beneficial for students who are currently in high school, community college, or at another four-year institution, or who are looking to return to school after a hiatus. It is also designed for those who are considering […]

Preparing for Graduate School Entrance Exams

Graduate programs often require difficult standardized tests that can be daunting to approach. Don't worry—we will help you build strategies for effective test taking. This workshop will focus on universal strategies to help you game plan for a variety of graduate tests. Presented by USG's MCAS. Register Today!

I Am First: Community Space for First-Generation Retrievers


Connect with other First-Gen Retrievers! Participants will have the opportunity to share their own experiences with being first generation college students with other first-gen students at UMBC. This will be a space for building community and solidarity through personal reflections and sharing of resources.

Retriever for a Day


Follow in the paw prints of a Retriever and find out what it’s really like to be an undergraduate student at UMBC-Shady Grove at Retriever for a Day!  This flexible event will allow you to come when you can and leave when you must. Customize your visit by attending the sessions that resonate with you, […]