Meet the Staff

Erin Botker

Coordinator of Undergraduate Recruitment
443-612-1314 III-4157
Primary Resource for
  • Pre-transfer advising
  • Undergraduate Admissions
  • The Common Application
  • Transfer Student Alliance (TSA)
  • Peer Advisory Team (PAT)

Kim Casimbon

Academic Advisor, Computer Science & Mechanical Engineering, COEIT
443-612-1315 BSE-3111
Primary Resource for
  • Pre-transfer and academic advising for Computer Science & Mechanical Engineering

Sandra Crespin-Melgar

Coordinator, UMBC-Shady Grove Operations
301-738-6193 III-4121
Primary Resource for
  • UMBC-Shady Grove Operations & Facilities
  • UMBC-Shady Grove Welcome Center (III-4159)
  • Cross-Campus Enrollment
  • Event Management
  • Form Processing

Abigail Granger

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Retention
443-612-1313 III-4125
Primary Resource for
  • Undergraduate Admissions
  • Undergraduate Orientation
  • Advising and Degree Audit Concerns
  • Raptor to Retriever (R2R) Transfer Access Program
  • TRS 201 Course
  • Peer Advisory Team (PAT)
  • Undergraduate Residency Concerns
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Karina J. Jenkins

Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment, Pathways & Partnerships
443-612-1316 III-4127
Primary Resource for
  • UMBC Graduate Professional Programs
  • Data Science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Technical Management
  • Biotechnology
  • I/O Psychology
  • Graduate admissions and recruitment
  • Graduate program student support (inquiry to graduation)
  • Graduate student retention and enrollment

Jesse Muse

Coordinator of Undergraduate Retention & Student Success
301-738-6118 III-4155
Primary Resource for
  • Current Student Advising and Degree Audit Concerns
  • Students with Reasonable Accommodations
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • Peer Advisory Team (PAT)