STEM Ready WordmarkSTEMpowerment is a set of guiding principles and connects all services and supports provided through STEM Ready. Based upon the conviction that students must be supported through diverse, equitable, and intentional programs, STEMpowerment seeks to build space for meaningful connection, reflection, and engaging opportunities that promote the development of self-efficacy, particularly among student populations traditionally underrepresented in the STEM arena. The STEMpowerment approach is interwoven through all four of the program pillars that define STEM READY and is infused with these guiding principles:

  • Access, opportunity, inclusion, and equity is integral to authentic engagement, collaboration, educational empowerment, and career readiness
  • Transformational (vs. transactional) learning and applied experiences prepare creative, ingenious thinkers to problem-solve and take on the STEM-related career challenges of the day
  • Meaningful connections with peers, as well as educational and industry leaders, create a sense of community built on mutual understanding, support, respect, and mentorship necessary to educational and career-related success
  • A student-centered approach focused on familial as well as community integration and engagement is necessary to provide well-rounded exposure to and guided support along STEM pathways and career tracks