Spring 2024 STEM Symposium Series

This event has ended. See below for recordings of each symposium.

Past Events

Preparing for a Career with the Department of Defense (DOD)


Hear about current and future challenges at DOD and find out if there are opportunities that fit your goals. Start planning your academic pathway for an exciting career serving your country as a civilian.


Garry P. Bishop
Deputy Director for Land and Expeditionary Warfare and Director for Operational Test and Evaluation at the Office of the Secretary of Defense

It’s Not Paranoia if People Really Are Out to Get You


Watch as a cybersecurity professional with ADHD tries to stay on topic while telling stories of spies, actresses, mathematicians, and D&D. Learn how an astronomer hacked a hacker, how women changed the intelligence field, and how security is an illusion. In this ridiculously unhinged presentation, discover why cybersecurity is fundamentally the same as it was 50 years ago but at the same time, changes faster than the pace of Moore’s law.


Celia Paulsen
Semiconductor Security Policy at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Biotech Industry in Maryland


Join Montgomery College’s Dr. Jones to discuss the landscape of the biotechnology industry in Maryland, the different types of employers, and the prognosis for the future. This presentation is designed for undergraduate or graduate students looking for biotech jobs as well as high school students interested in possibly studying biotechnology.


Dr. Collins Jones
Biotechnology Professor at Montgomery College


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