Mechanical Engineering Scholarship for Fall 2023 - Fall 2024 Admits

Scholarships will be awarded to new transfer students who declare mechanical engineering as their major AND enroll in UMBC’s Mechanical Engineering program at The Universities at Shady Grove beginning in Fall 2023 through Fall 2024.

The scholarship provides funding up to $2,500 per year, for up to two years of study. For students enrolled at UMBC-Shady Grove full time, they will receive $2,500 per year ($1250 per semester). For those enrolled part-time, the amount provided will be prorated accordingly.

A new transfer student who is admitted to UMBC-Shady Grove and declares Mechanical Engineering as their major but needs prerequisites that they choose to take at UMBC’s Catonsville campus, can receive the scholarship their first semester at UMBC as long as they are enrolled in required mechanical engineering prerequisites/coursework at UMBC’s Catonsville campus.

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