Student Organizations

Being involved in a student organization is an integral part of your college career. As a UMBC-Shady Grove student, you have the opportunity to participate in many student organizations, including a student association for each of our four undergraduate programs. Please review the organizations below and become involved as they provide excellent networking opportunities, a chance to collaborate with other students on campus, and enhanced exposure to your field of interest outside of the classroom.

Cybersecurity Association

The purpose of the UMBC Graduate Cybersecurity Association at USG is to promote the study of cybersecurity and to raise cybersecurity awareness and knowledge in the community through panel discussions, conferences, and cyber competitions.

History Student Association

The History Student Association (HSA) is for students who are first and foremost passionate about history. Our group focuses on approaching issues, current and past, from a historical perspective. Whether your interest is cultural history, intellectual history, scientific history, political history, or any other form of history from any time period, we want you as a part of our group! At HAS, we aim to provide students with a respectful, open, and academic atmosphere as we discuss the issues that interest us. We hope to hold debates, round-table discussions, field trips, and more for students throughout the semester. To learn more, email

Psychology Student Association

The Psychology Student Association (PSA) at USG is a student organization which includes both Psychology majors as well as students with interests in the psychological field. Throughout the semester we engage in various service and social events as well as study groups and speaking engagements. In the past, we have worked with the Boys & Girls Club of America, For 3 Sisters as well as various community and charity events. To learn more contact

Tau Sigma

Tau Sigma is a National Honor Society aiming to recognize the academic achievement of students transferring to UMBC from another academic institution and to encourage and promote the students' involvement at UMBC. To join, a student must transfer with a 3.5 GPA or in top 20% of incoming class and with at least 30 credits and be a full-time student while maintaining a 3.3 GPA at UMBC. Members must attend 2 general meetings and participate in 2 events per semester prior to an informal interview and induction. Why join? Students will gain recognition for academic achievement and leadership experience. Get support through the transition to UMBC so you can continue to succeed!

UMBC Peer Advisory Team

As current UMBC-Shady Grove students, UMBC Peer Advisory Team (PAT) members serve as a critical point of contact in the successful and seamless transition of new students transferring to UMBC-Shady Grove from other institutions. PAT members undergo extensive leadership development and work closely with UMBC-Shady Grove administrative staff, faculty, and fellow current students to reach out, serve and create meaningful connections with prospective students through a variety of formal and informal recruitment and retention events. To learn more, email Chelsea Moyer at

There are many other student organizations available to you at The Universities at Shady Grove. For additional information on all student organizations, click here.