Data Science

Management Sciences Pathway

Essential interpersonal skills are becoming increasingly common in the job postings for data science positions. Cross-functional employee management skills are one of the keys to running a successful big data project. Managing your big data project will likely put you into contact with new departments and technical/business specialties. While big data project managers need the work product of many other departments, they are rarely given control over these other departments. The Management Sciences pathway provides you with the tools you will need to motivate and direct the work of others even when they do not report to you.

The courses in this pathway cover key management skills such as managing teams and projects and strategic and financial management.


Admission into the Data Science graduate program.


Any ENMG course, ENMG 650-ENMG 672.

Career Outlook

A skilled data scientist that possess strong management skills is an essential employee. According to Labor Insight, an employer-demand tool, the top skills required in job postings for data science positions include decision making, planning, communications, and project planning.

Download the Academic Planning Form as unofficial guidance in planning your Data Science Master's program.

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