Data Science

Cybersecurity Pathway

The Cybersecurity pathway provides broad exposure to cybersecurity principles, best practices, and relevant technologies. Its purpose is to offer students from varying technical disciplines foundational knowledge and the preparation to effectively incorporate cybersecurity concepts, thinking, and analysis into their own professional activities.

This pathway leads to a Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Operations. Students must take three required cybersecurity courses and one data science elective (DATA 601, 602, or 605). The pathway is a partnership between UMBC’s Cybersecurity program and the Data Science program. Both programs are housed within the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.


Admission to the Data Science MPS.

Required Courses

In order to complete the pathway, a student must complete three courses from the following list of courses. Most of the following courses have prerequisites. Students will need to consult with the Program Director to see if they are eligible to take a specific course.

Career Outlook

In today’s world, we are increasing using data science techniques to detect potential cyber threats and protect our organizations from attacks. Cybersecurity and Data Science are already two of the most in- demand fields and the combination of these two skill sets is extremely valuable to employers. According to Labor Insight, an employer-demand tool, Maryland has a very high demand for these positions.

Glassdoor, a website with data on over 120 million companies, states that the average base pay for this field is $120,000. Possible titles for program graduates include: Cyber Security Data Scientist, Cyber Security Data Analytics Experts, Information Systems Data Scientist, and Security Data Scientist.

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